Thursday, 17 May 2018

Reddit users discuss their favourite escape room puzzles!

Reddit escape room games and favourite puzzles

Reddit users weigh in on the type of escape room puzzles they love the most!

Here at iLocked nothing is more important to us than feedback from our enthusiastic customers, it's what helps us constantly tweak our rooms to make them consistently more and more enjoyable to play.


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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

14 strategy tips & tricks to win at escape room games

escape room tips and strategy for escape games

Escaping is tricky - use these strategy tips to beat any escape room!


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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Users that have done an escape room, what tips and tricks do you have?

  • don't have too many cooks in the kitchen
  • assign a group leader or coordinator
  • if you're freezing on something move to something else or switch tasks
  • don't take people who want to be center of attention
  • touch everything
  • have two sets of eyes go over everything
  • keep a running dialogue of your progress. Believe it or not thinking out loud really can help a lot.
  • if it isn't moving easily, you haven't solved that part. They maintain these rooms very well. Do not try to force the thing to move.
  • Look at everything from all possible angles. Get on the floor, climb on the furniture, etc.
  • Anything that can be manipulated (turned, flipped, inverted, etc), manipulate it and see what happens.
  • Listen to what the other people in the room are saying.
  • Assume nothing is ordinary. Tables, chairs, shelves, mirrors, knickknacks, etc...All if it is suspect.
  • Nothing requires force or physical damage/destruction.

I find my self-obsessed with escape rooms. I am curious about what tips and tricks you have for the best way to beat the game and win bragging rights?

I work at an escape room and actually get this question less than I thought I would; I have a few pieces of advice:
1- Look at everything, if it doesn't specifically say "NOT IN USE" or "DO NOT TOUCH" then make the assumption its an important part of the game in some way.
2- Be willing to be wrong. Don't worry about getting all of the locks on your first try, be willing to try a wrong code in a lock.
3- Communication with your group is key. Some people are more logical and some are more fluid thinkers and in a good escape room both are needed so if you're stuck on a puzzle bring someone else in-they might be able to see it differently.
3.5- Do some research on the room before you go. Some rooms have a recommended number and while its not impossible for a smaller group to do it the room is designed to entertain that larger number for a full hour so your smaller group is going to have to do the same amount of work with less people. Also, if its your first time don't try a room with a 2% success rate.
4- Be nice to your Escape Artist/Game Master/Game Runner. Don't try to fit 9 people in a room designed for 6, don't complain about how you didn't know you signed up for a scary one when it says it on the website, crack a joke with them when they grab you from the lobby, listen to their instructions before the game starts, don't say "oh, we've seen this video so we don't need to watch it" (when someone tells me that I've already decided I don't like them). They might be more likely to give you some free clues or push you in the right direction.