Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Users that have done an escape room, what tips and tricks do you have?

  • don't have too many cooks in the kitchen
  • assign a group leader or coordinator
  • if you're freezing on something move to something else or switch tasks
  • don't take people who want to be center of attention
  • touch everything
  • have two sets of eyes go over everything
  • keep a running dialogue of your progress. Believe it or not thinking out loud really can help a lot.
  • if it isn't moving easily, you haven't solved that part. They maintain these rooms very well. Do not try to force the thing to move.
  • Look at everything from all possible angles. Get on the floor, climb on the furniture, etc.
  • Anything that can be manipulated (turned, flipped, inverted, etc), manipulate it and see what happens.
  • Listen to what the other people in the room are saying.
  • Assume nothing is ordinary. Tables, chairs, shelves, mirrors, knickknacks, etc...All if it is suspect.
  • Nothing requires force or physical damage/destruction.

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